Meet Kelsey Morris

Kelsey MorrisKelsey Morris is quite familiar with genuine, Holy Ghost revival. She was born just weeks before the onset of the Brownsville Revival, one of the most powerful moves of God in American history. As a young child, it was commonplace for her to hear the powerful gospel preached; it was natural to witness lives being radically saved and miraculously transformed by the love of Jesus. That same passion for revival continues to burn in her heart. Presently working alongside her family under Together in the Harvest, Kelsey yearns to see the world grab hold of the true and transforming power of God.

"Palm Trees Are Nice."

Written by Kelsey Hill. Posted on .

“Oh, that’s nice. Palm trees are nice.” My dad said as we were sitting in the car staring at our new home. I could see the pure joy on his face, but I was confused as I looked over at him. He was overcome with relief even though we all knew he was enduring piercing pain in his spine due to a massive tumor. Excitement filled his eyes as he realized this was the home he wanted to move his family in. His elation was contagious, you couldn’t help but be overjoyed.