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What I'm going to share with you today has been on my heart for some time.

Have you ever known that the Lord wanted you to do something and you couldn't get away from it until you did it? That's how our entire team at Steve Hill Ministries feels about what I'm going to share with you.


Evangelist Steve Hill

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Do We Really Want Revival?

Written by Daniel Norris Posted on .

When we pray, “Lord send revival!”, what exactly are we asking for?

When we pray it is natural to visualize the answer to our petitions.  Ephesians 3:20 encourages us to envision our prayers with the expectation that God “is able to do exceedingly abundantly” more than I can think.  So when we envision revival what exactly are we dreaming for?

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Blow the Cloud Away

Written by Jeri Hill Posted on .


2014 was a challenging year! But aren’t you thankful we have an awesome God we can lean upon? It melts my heart when I think of how God’s people have blessed and comforted our family over past few years. Today, I want to share a word of encouragement about weathering life’s storms. 

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Time is No Longer On Our Side

Written by Daniel Norris & Steve Hill Posted on .

My friends, I can’t help but feel heavy at this moment—perhaps you feel the same. The news that has broken over the past few days, not weeks, shows how quickly our world is spiraling into chaos. Things are no longer as they once were.

I wept as I heard the stories of the atrocities taking place in Mosul. A Christian community has been removed, children are being beheaded, homes of Christians are marked, believers forced to convert or face the sword. These are stories, the likes of which, we haven’t read about since the 1940s.

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Learning to Delight in God's Law

Written by Daniel Norris Posted on .

I had just finished praying in the altars on the last night of an extended revival. A young man who was studying for ministry approached me with tears in his eyes. As I placed my hand on his shoulder, he said, “I need to apologize to you. I judged you too soon. Anytime I hear someone preach what sounds like ‘law’ it makes me angry and I instantly shut them out. I can see now I was wrong and missed out on what God could have done in me this week.” My heart welled up with compassion for him, as my mind replayed the past week searching for the offense. I took a few extra minutes to minister and pray with him there at the altar and the next few days thinking about our conversation.

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Help Us Preserve the Legacy

Written by Jeri Hill Posted on .

I pray that you and your family are doing well. Thank you so much for keeping our family in your prayers. We definitely feel the affect of them! I'll give you a personal update at the close of this letter. What I'm going to share with you today has been on my heart for some time. Have you ever known that the Lord wanted you to do something and you couldn't get away from it until you did it? That's how our entire team at Steve Hill Ministries feels about what I'm going to share with you.

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SHM Announces the "Preserve The Legacy" Project

Written by Steve Hill Ministries Posted on .

Official Press Release

 Steve Hill Ministries has launched a campaign to raise funding for The Legacy Project.  The Legacy Project will digitally archive and release more than 1,500 messages preached by Steve Hill during the Brownsville Revival, Awake America Crusades, Awake Now and Experience God’s Power broadcasts.

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Be Still My Soul

Written by Steve Hill Posted on .

From the Archives:

Many have asked me how I've been able to maintain my Christian walk over the past 30 years, even in the midst of life's fiery trials.

I'm going to share with you some of the secrets of my longevity. I'm not an old man, but I'm also not a young man. I've preached the gospel now for nearly 30 years, and I expect to preach the gospel for at least another 30 years.

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Still Together in the Harvest!

Written by Jeri Hill Posted on .

My heart is overwhelmed. There's so much I want to share with you, I hardly know where to begin.  Words cannot adequately express how much I love and appreciate you. You have stood by our side during the most difficult season of our lives. You've fasted and prayed. Fought with us. Cried with us. Encouraged us. Comforted us. Helped us with our kids. Gave sacrificially. Cooked meals. Cleaned our house. You've blessed our family in a myriad of ways. You have truly been Jesus' hands and feet to us during our time of need. With all my heart,  THANK YOU!!!

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  • "I was touched by your message tonight."

  • "I am a 23 year old Kenyan. I was so discouraged last month and as I switched channels I happened to watch Steve Hill on God T.V. talking about Psalms 38:4. That message gave me a totally new picture of God."
  • "Gimme Some Sugar" is dead on target. Thanks for helping me realize I'm not alone."

  • "Thank you for your fire, for the brokenness & the realness of your messages. You've helped me break through a very difficult time."

  • "I have made a decision to come back to the Lord and went to church for the first time in years."

  • "I have felt so hungry and thirsty, but nothing satisfied. I turned on my TV and heard you preaching. I knew in my heart this is what I'd been searching for."

  • "I watched one of your shows about judgement after death which really moved me. I am glad that we have people like you."
  • "I am a prodigal returned. God bless your ministry."

  • "You are a breath of fresh air in the toxic smog of American Christianity! THANKS for preaching sin, repentance, holiness, separation, & the cross!"

  • "You have blessed us so much! Blessings to you and your ministry."

  • "I'm a 21 year old Finnish man. I love the message God puts on your heart for EVER single sermon. I can't describe how much your sermons have meant to me! I just listened to your sermon called "Gimme Some Sugar" and I've never cried so much during a sermon."
  • "We watched you on GodTV. We are inspired by your love, dedication, and sincerity. Your ministry is encouraging and refreshing."

  • "Your heart and passion for the cross is so kindred to ours."

  • "It was great to watch you on GodTV today. I like the way you knelt and prayed. I need your prayers."

  • "I felt such power of the Lord upon me during the Eagles Wings Conference in New Jersey. Thank you for all your work you devote to the Lord."

  • "When I watch Steve preach, I can't fight back my tears. I am always moved and blessed by the Lord because he preaches repentance. God bless this ministry."

  • "I just wanted to thank you for preaching the truth. My husband and I love to listen to you. We laugh sometimes because you just dont care what others think. You always preach the truth, and we love it!"
  • So happy to see the advance of the Kingdom of Light!   You are known and feared by the kingdom of darkness.  

    - Monica Burkhart

  • "Thanks for the encouraging daily e-devotionals. They really add a perk to my day. I even share them with my congregation."

  • "I was at the Brownsville revival and it changed my life. I'll never forget it. God bless Steve Hill Ministries."

  • "You've been instrumental in me breaking through a very difficult couple months. At times I have been lying on my bed with the TV on (God TV), struggling that I blew it with God, that I threw my call & purpose away. I would be awakened out of a sound sleep to Steve preaching ...repentance...right on words. Thanks again!"

  • "Thank you for being there for us. Your message did touch me. I'm a backslider.  I heard your message on which you asked, "What's your price? Judas sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver. At what price will you sell your soul, give in to sin?" Thank you for that message. Please pray for me."

  • "I have come home to Jesus. Thank you so much for your ministry to prodigals."

  • "I showed your YouTube clip “Hell To Pay” to our youth ministry and boy, did it go deep. Thank you for being true to the TRUTH!"

  • "I saw Steve on the God Channel. I prayed the prayer of repentance and immediately knew the presence of the Lord in my heart. Thank you so much fro your obedience in preaching this message."

  • "Thank you for always speaking TRUTH to the masses."

  • "I felt the power and presence of the Holy Spirit like someone was embracing me. God lifted depression that has clouded my life for years. Praise God."

  • "I am a tax collector from Malawi, Central Africa. My job is very challenging because of corruption. The first time I saw Steve on GodTV, I shed tears as he pleaded for lost souls to come to Jesus, God bless you, Steve, for reviving my spirit."

  • "While at the Azusa Street celebration, I heard you pray under the tent and my life was changed."

  • "The fire, desire, burden and enthusiasm which you have for lost souls sets me on fire each time I watch you on God TV."

  • "I regularly go to Church on Sunday, but there's nobody who can give me the Word. Now I can hear your preaching on the GOD Channel."

  • "I'm speechless as I watch your videos on YouTube. As I watched 'Covered by the Blood' I cried and cried. This is what we need in France. Thank so much for being so obedient to God's voice!"

  • "When our son was a prodigal, I'd log onto your prodigalsonly.com website and weep as I watched the picture of the young man walking down the lonely road, and read the amazing testimonies. Our son has finally returned home. Thanks for helping along the way."

  • "Thank you so much for helping me with my pornography addiction. The Lord is definitely into my life again."

  • "I can't wait to here your sermons each week on the Internet!"

  • "Thanks for podcasting your messages. I listen every week. You have always inspired me to be a better man of God!"

  • "I listened to you on TBN and repented. I am going forward with my walk with the Lord. I have given Him my life totally."

  • "I have been challenged by one of Steve Hill video's where he said to be a man and confront the sin in your life, thank you."
  • "I heard you preach on Daystar. I repented and asked God for forgiveness."

  • "I went to the ProdigalsOnly.com website, I watched the clips, prayed the prayer and got saved. That day was my birthday, God worked in a mysterious way by making me spiritually new on the very same day I was born."

  • "After watching you on TV, my wife and I want to make sense of the healing power of His love and the God who created the whole universe for us to live in peace."

  • "What a blessing to hear such a mighty preacher preach God's holy Word. Thank you so much."

  • "I am 22 years old. I was a prodigal and have benefited much from your ministry. You been a tremendous help to my life."

  • "In 1997, you introduced me to my best Friend, Jesus! I have since then introduced so many addicts, criminals, and sinners just like I once used to be to Jesus through the help of your video teachings. I thank God for you."

  • "We watched you on God TV. We are inspired by your love, dedication, and sincerity. Your ministry is encouraging and refreshing."

  • "Thank you for proclaiming biblical truth...your messages are fresh from Heaven."

  • "I'm from the Netherlands. I love to hear the sermons from pastor Steve Hill each week. What a blessing to be a part of the Heartland family!"

  • "I came for a visit and the power was there."

  • "I am a minister of the gospel and am touched with your work."

  • "I've been very far away from God and this evening I found Him again. As I read your letter to prodigals, I thought, "he is speaking about me." I read the story and my heart is now so very happy. I lost God, but He didn't lose me."

  • "We just found your site. Enjoyed it. Thank you for being an instrument of the Lord."

  • "I am a 27-year-old student. Recently, I started listening to your messages online in YouTube. God ministers to me through your messages. I sincerely desire to grow in the knowledge of GOD but am struggling. Please, I need help."

  • "I have been listening to Pastor Hill for many years now. God speaks so clearly through him every time, and His Word, sharper than a two-edged sword, ALWAYS cuts right to the marrow!"
  • "On May 3rd, 1997 Steve preached a sermon entitled 'Your Old Man Is Dead.' I was born again that night and have been in revival for fourteen years. Thank you, Steve, for leading me to the Lord!"

  • "If there is one person that gives his all when he is ministering, it is you Steve. I am always blessed to watch you."
  • "Yes, I am a prodigal son. I knew the Lord yet decided to go my own way. I cried as I prayed with you and asked the Lord to receive me again. Right then, I could tell that He ran to me, fell upon my neck and said "Welcome home, son." Now I am on my way to living for God. Now I have God in my heart. Thank you, sir."

  • "Steve, I listen to you every week. Don't ever stop preaching that radical message of yours. It changes people's lives."

  • "I was moved by 'The Savior's Serenade,' I could not resist crying as I felt the love of God. From that moment, I gave my entire life to Jesus."

  • "I always am so moved by you Steve Hill. I can tell that you have been with Jesus."
  • "Awesome Prodigals website!  Thank you for following the Fathers heart!"

  • "I want to give you big thanks for your ministry in Czech Republic!"
  • "I just watched your YouTube video on Satan's lullaby to sinners. Every single word hit me on a personal level and I've now changed my mind about becoming agnostic. It's amazing how I found this when I did."

  • "Pastor Steve has a very powerful anointing from God. He is a true apostle of Jesus! We need them in this last days."

  • "Your ministry in Finland was life-changing for me and my husband."

  • "You are always a source of blessing and TRUTH! For that I am so thankful."

  • "I was saved by watching a message by Steve entitled The God Mockers..."

  • "Pastor Steve, I love you for being there when we need to have our compass re-aligned and when we climb off of the Cross."

  • "I had always lacked a true meaning of being a follower of Christ. I watched your sermon on God TV and was amazed by your preaching. It helped me to have a deeper understanding of Jesus."

  • "Your strong message of calling sinners to Christ and Christians to live holy is what caused me to repent and get back on the straight and narrow road. By the grace of God I will make it to heaven, but I want you to know that I made it because of your relentless, uncompromising call for believers to live holy."

  • "I was not sure if I was saved. I listened to you last night on TV and guess what? I asked Jesus to be my Savior and Lord!"

  • "I listened to a sermon of yours and it ranks amongst one of the best and most robust sermons I've ever heard."

  • "I love your programs, especially your preaching on judgment. It was impressive."

  • "I am a third generation pastor's son who has been backslidden for several years now. I woke up early this morning and found myself searching for your videos on YouTube and eventually made it to your website. Thank you for your godly stand in a world turning towards sin and away from the true things of God."
  • "I have come back to Jesus and repented of my sin. I put every bit of drug paraphernalia, prescription drugs, cigarettes, and R rated movies in a bag and I am going to burn it. There is no time like right now. Thank you Steve for this website. God has used it to help me come back to Him. God Bless."

  • "I am 25 years old. I was smoking marijuana when I saw your message. Throughout the message you gave, it was like you were there with me. You mentioned everything I am. I took that opportunity to accept Jesus back as my Lord and Savior. You have made a difference in my life!"

  • "You are the REAL DEAL with the LORD'S SEAL."

  • "I just heard you on God Channel. In 43 years of walking with JESUS, I have never anyone preach like you did today. The word was so full of life and strength that I ate every word.  Keep preaching the Truth. So few are doing it today."

  • "Young people can tell very easily how real a person is. That's what kept my 13 year-old brother on the edge of his seat during your message. He said you were genuine, loving and...not afraid to preach the truth."

  • "I've read some previous newsletters and feel that God is talking directly to me."

  • "I am thankful to God for the fresh water that He gives me every time I watch you on TV. Thank you for being so faithful, real, humble."

  • "I watched you on TV on October 5, 2010 when you prayed for the bondage of drugs and alcohol to be broken. Immediately, I knew that was for me. Ever since, I have been free from drugs. I am so happy to be free."

  • "Your site really blessed me. I have been away from Jesus but I am now back home!"

  • "I came across you preaching on GodTV recently. I am married to a Muslim and live in India. I am in a very difficult situation as I am surrounded totally by Muslims. Your message really encouraged me. Thank you."

  • "Your preaching on the Blood of Jesus really touched my heart. It was so crystal clear, motivating, & inspiring, strengthening my belief in Jesus Christ."

  • "Your broadcasting on God TV is eye and heart opening truth. Thank you for bringing such an encouraging and enriching word of God."

  • "Through the Holy Spirit in you, my life was transformed. I met you in India as we were praying over a new church site. You prayed for me in the rain and mud. Thank you for pouring into so many lives."
  • "We saw a video of you preaching The Devils Diary. When you did the alter call, teenagers walked to the TV set. Not only did Father touch the students, but also me their religion teacher. He changed my life and made me long for more of Him and the will to live holy."

  • "As I watched you on TV, you started talking about the Prodigal Son. I have been referring to myself as this. It gave me comfort to know that I am not alone. I love Jesus and have missed Him. Now I am on that road home. Please pray for me and my family."

  • "Pastor Steve, I've been watching your sermons on the Internet. I'm from Saudi Arabia where there are NO CHURCHES. You have been my inspiration, as your sermons always have to do with SALVATION. May the Lord Bless you as you continue preaching His Word."

  • "It is great that your ministry maintains that personal touch. Your ministry will definitely hold strong in my prayers."

  • This book should be a mandatory teaching in EVERY church and EVERY denomination!

    - Karen, USA

  • "Steve Hill's uncompromising approach really touches me. I now will take full advantage of opportunities to preach or even pray for others."

  • "Thank you for your encouraging emails. They help me stay fixed on our Savior and often come at just the right time. Your passion is infectious and I thank God for you."

  • "Steve Hill led me to the Lord Jesus on October 21, 1998 at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, FL and my life was forever changed."

  • "Your website has been on my favorites. You'll never know how much you encourage me."

  • "I am a born again believer where Christian religion is not allowed. Our country is hungry for the Word and its manifesting power in our lives. I am really interested in your ministry and teaching."

  • "Thanks for today's message on the Internet. I so appreciate your ministry."

  • "I love the way Pastor Hill tells the 'Real Gospel!'"

  • "For the past 4 years I’ve been addicted to porn and unclean sexual thoughts. Yesterday as I listened to you on the God Channel, I was completely set free. Thanks for speaking the truth, Steve!"

  • "I listen to Pastor Steve online all the time. He is a tremendous blessing and quite refreshing."

  • "After 12 years of being a prodigal, I recieved the Lord into my life again, I feel His comfort and warmth again."

  • "I`m blessed with what you`re doing for the Glory of God."

  • "I recently began watching you on the God Channel and can see you are who and what you say you are."

  • This is the kind of book that keeps you on your knees! 

    Pastor Steve Tutu, Barbados

  • "God has truly lit a fire in my heart and I believe that brother Steve has had a big part in that."
  • "When I watch Steve Hill preach, I can't fight back my tears. I am always moved & blessed by the Lord because he preaches repentance. God bless this ministry."

  • "I was listening to a podcast where Steve Hill was the guest speaker.  During prayer time, he was praying for someone with arthritis in their hands. I was at work and started feeling a low heat in my hands. I kept moving them under my desk. I have been healed...Thank you Jesus!"
  • "I came across your program on GodTV. If only there were more preachers who preach the Gospel just like it is, just like Jesus and His apostles did."

Steve Hill

RT @danielknorris: We must deal with our sin swiftly and severely. Let it be slain upon our Savior's cross. There it meets death and there…

Steve Hill

Daniel Norris